Course in Oral Speech Practice

This is a 20-hour course aimed at providing participants with tools to help them improve their communication skills in international settings such as academic forums, conferences, project presentations, workshops, etc. It is addressed to students of the Doc_TIC PhD Program with a B1 or higher level of English (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). The course also deals with the practical aspects related to the techniques of giving a good presentation as well as with the skills needed to participate in debates.

Calendar and timetable: 2 hours per week: Wednesdays, 9:00 to 11:00, beginning on 10 October and finishing on 12 December

Place: A019 Room (Sala seminarios TSC) - EETelecomunicación

The attendance to the course is obligatory, except for very justified causes. A diploma will be given to the participants who have attended all the sessions.

Maximum number of participants: 15

Selection criteria:
1. Accredited level of English
2. Seniority in the doctoral program


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List of Participants

Acces Year name Family Name Advisor(s)
2013-2014 Carmen Magariños Eduardo Rodríguez Banga
2013-2014 Sonia Valladares Rodríguez Luis E. Anido Rifón, Manuel J. Fernández Iglesias
2014-2015 Francisco de Arriba Pérez Manuel Caeiro
2014-2015 Ghofrane El Haj Ahmed Felipe Gil-Castiñeira / Enrique Costa Montenegro
2014-2015 Mariem Hmila Manuel Fernández Veiga
2014-2015 Rocio Moure Fernández Monica Fernandez Barciela
2015-2016 Carmelo España Villegas Manuel Caeiro Rodríguez
2015-2016 Isabel Expósito Pérez Manuel García Sánchez, Iñigo Cuiñas Gómez
2015-2016 Sheila Sánchez López Rebeca Díaz Redondo / Ana Fernández Vilas
2015-2016 David Santos Domínguez Soledad Torres Guijarro
2015-2016 Anxo Tato Arias Carlos Mosquera
2016-2017 David Alvarez Outerelo F. Diaz Otero
2016-2017 Artur Costa-Pazo José Luis Alba Castro and Esteban Vazquez-Fernandez
2016-2017 Silvia García Méndez Enrique Costa Montenegro, Milagros Fernández Gavilanes
2018-2019 Martín Liz Domínguez Martín Llamas Nistal
2018-2019 Iván Otero Domingo Docampo Amoedo